Why Every Diet Plan Has Failed
And How I Learned To Finally BURN Fat!
There is nothing quite like the feeling I get when I see testimonies from my clients and hear their incredible stories of personal transformation

It’s the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever known. 

That is why I want to give this to you… for FREE.  So you can be my next success story

So you can experience your own transformation!​
What Make Clovis Different?
“I’ve Tried Everything!” - This is the #1 thing I hear from all of my clients. They’ve tried every “fad diet” on Earth, and not one of them has worked for anybody, long-term… Why?!

Because any diet can work… for a little while. But it takes Customized Nutrition to get the sustainable results we’re all after. That is the key to long-term success!

If Other Plans Have Failed You - It’s not you… It’s them! Stop letting fake “Nutrition Gurus” make you feel guilty because their awful plan didn’t work for you!

When a plan fails, the plan is to blame, not the individual!

If other plans have failed, it’s because the science behind them was garbage and the plan was not right for you!

I’ve Been There - My name is Justin Nault. I am the Founder and CEO of Clovis…

But how did I get here? Well, like many other people watching this video… I was a fat kid.
I grew up hating my body, and that is a tough place to be as an innocent little kid.
I was desperate for a body that I could be proud of, and desperation can be dangerous...

By age 15 I was getting my nutrition advice from all the mainstream “muscle magazines.” I was lifting weights for 2 hours per day and was addicted to caffeine and ephedrine pills.
Now, 17 years later, I’m here to help you avoid all of the horrible obstacles and pitfalls that I encountered on my personal journey.

I want you to achieve success beyond a pointless number on the scale!

I want to literally change the way your body functions. 

I understand that many of you have been struggling with this for decades… And you don’t deserve to keep struggling.

I know your struggles because I work with people just like you… Each and every day!
  • People who are tired of daily insulin injections
  • People who have tried such extreme weight loss protocols that they’ve landed themselves in the hospital 
  • People who are fed up with that fact that they get winded walking from their car to their front door
  •  People who are suffering from eczema, arthritis, headaches, and digestive issues due to chronic inflammation 
  •  People who have lost the same 5-10 pounds over and over again only to gain it all back and then some… 
  •  You’ve all been lied to on the most fundamental level, you’ve been lied to about food in general.
As a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Specialist in Sports Nutrition, and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, I have helped over 500 people transform their lives through one-on-one nutrition consulting designed to suit their needs as unique individuals!

Because No two human beings are the same... If your plan is not customized, just for you, it will fail long-term. Period.

After years of personally struggling and failing…

I finally stopped taking advice from the “experts” and started studying biochemistry for myself! 

I wanted a full understanding of the human body… 

I spent the next 7 years deep in the scientific literature. I went back to school 3 different times. I explored all of the “nutrition camps” at the deepest levels. Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, High Carb diets… you name it, I’ve studied it.

The End Result of that journey?… Is Clovis.

I have studied the science and visited all of the camps.

Clovis is the curation of the most valuable information I have learned along my journey combined with my own unique approach to health and wellness.

I have made hundreds of custom nutrition plans for clients and the results have been staggering.

50 pounds in 8 weeks?

40 pounds in 60 days?

11 pounds in 7 days?

21 pounds in 19 days?

100 pounds in 6 months?

You name it, I have a client who has done it… 

I want a better life for you…

I want to give you the life you deserve!

and I want to give it to you, today, for free…
Just listen to the incredible stories that these strong, beautiful, Clovis clients have to share… 
Kristy - down Over 100 lbs!
Shawn & Jim - down over 30 lbs & 60 lbs!!
Shannon - down Over 30 lbs!
Jackie - down over 25 lbs!!
“Justin, why do you do this work? Why are you so obsessed with health?” 

I get this question all the time. 

From my current outward appearance, you’d never know that I have personally struggled with the pain, shame, fear, and guilt associated with negative body image, body dysmorphia and an overall lack of self-love.
Run, Fat Boy, Run!
It starts with me, at just 11 years old, sitting at home in front of the TV.
I couldn’t tell you what was on because I wasn’t really paying attention.
I was lost. 

Lost in my own sadness. 


Because I felt like a coward. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. 

You see, earlier that morning I had convinced my mom that I was sick and needed  to stay home from school that day. 

But I knew the real reason... I was hiding. Hiding from embarrassment and shame. 

My school had it’s yearly field trip planned to a local camp. A day full of sunshine, fun activities and... swimming.

And at just 11 years old I was already so ashamed of my body that I refused to go anywhere in public where I would have to remove my shirt.

Or worse, be that “fat kid” who goes swimming in his t-shirt. 

Either way... I knew I would be mortified. 

So I just stayed home and sat on the couch, alone with my shame. 

And where did this spawn from? How did my brain end up here within just 11 short years on earth? 

Well, I could name any number of reasons. 

Some older boys lifting my shirt, slapping my belly and calling me “doughboy” comes to mind. 

Or the time I was running down the street, just like kids should, smiling, without a care in the world. 

When a car slowed down and 2 grown men yelled at me out of the window. 

I’ll never forget those words... “run, fat boy, run!” 

The thing is, I’m not alone in this. 

My story is not unique. 

We all have battled with these shameful moments and little do we know they will have a deep impact on our self-confidence and discipline for the rest of our lives.
Things could have been easier for me. 

Things could have been easier for the young boy who grew up to be the Founder of Clovis. 

If only I had been given access to the right information. If someone had just taken the time to teach me the truth about fat loss and human health. 

If only I could have dispelled some of the most common false beliefs at a younger age, I could have avoided the years of pain and suffering I endured as a result of my constant pursuit of fat loss. 

I see these false beliefs perpetuated every single day in the health and wellness industry - beliefs that the mainstream has drilled into our heads over and over that are just not true. 

I want to stop your suffering
I want to tell you the truth. 
I want to change your future. 

It's time for you to finally let go of these false beliefs, so you can discover the truth about fat loss and start changing your life for the better!

I’m going to outline 3 Weight Loss Secrets that will eliminate these false beliefs from your mind forever...

Secret #1: To lose weight, you DON'T need to count calories and eat less
False Belief: "To lose weight, you need to count calories and eat less."

We’ve all been sold this lie each and every day, since we were small children. It’s brainwashing at it’s finest. And the worst part about it? There is zero science to back up the statement! That’s right, there is exactly zero science that proves eating less calories will help you burn fat. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Not eating enough and the types of calories you are consuming have a much greater impact on body fat.

Apart from the science, let’s examine how this myth has impacted you, personally... 

When you eat too much, what do you feel?: 

You feel Guilt, right?! We’ve all felt guilt after eating too much, haven’t we?! 

But it goes much deeper than that... we feel shame! We feel shame for being too weak!

Have you ever eaten too much of a food that you knew was bad for you and then felt shame after giving in to your craving? Of course! We all have!  

Now, what we don’t realize is this leads us into another dangerous emotion... self-loathing. We start to resent ourselves and our lack of will power. Have you ever been that upset with yourself?!Welcome to the club! 

Why do we all know these feelings and have them in common?!

Because we’ve been conditioned since we were tiny little children that we must count calories and eat less to lose weight!

It’s part of our programming from elementary school on, isn’t it? We’ve all heard this same lie told over and over for our entire lives, right?!

Isn’t is amazing how our food choices can dictate our daily emotions?

But what is really lying beneath all of those emotions like shame and guilt? 

The strongest emotion of all Fear! 


"If I eat too much I’ll get fat..."

"If I eat too much I’ll never get to go on a date..."

"If I eat too much my husband will leave me..."

"If I eat too much my husband will cheat on me..." 

"If I eat too much people will make fun of me..."

"If I eat too much my children won’t want to play with me, 
or I’ll be too tired to play with them..." 

"If I eat too much, I will end up alone!"


There’s the Truth: I am scared that I’m going to be ALONE!

Are you tired of being afraid of food?

Eating equals fat, fat equals alone!

If I don’t eat less and count calories I am going to end up alone!  


Here are the facts: I’ve created over 500 custom macronutrient plans with miraculous transformations...And I’ve never asked anyone to count calories!

I repeat: You do not need to count calories or starve yourself to lose weight!!

What if I told you that for over 90% of those people that I’ve helped transform, I made them eat MORE than they were previously eating?

What if I told you that for some of those people I actually doubled their caloric intake and they lost 10-15 pounds in 7 days as a result? - How does that sound?

What if I told you that you could eat more calories than you’re currently eating and lose more weight?! - That sounds good right?!

Micah... I increased his calories significantly...

He lost 52 pounds in 8 weeks. 52 pounds in 8 weeks by eating a full caloric load and never depriving himself. 

6.5 pounds per week

Never going hungry!!

Crystal... 22 pounds in 8 weeks... by eating more than she was used to!!

Increased her calories!!  
Secret #2: To lose weight, you DON'T need to exercise regularly
False Belief: "To lose weight, you need to exercise regularly."

Planet Fitness, Beach Body, Cross Fit, Orange Theory, Equinox, Spin Class, Boot Camps… all household names!

Why?! Because of another dangerous myth!

To Lose Weight, You Need To Exercise Regularly...

The Belief is: More exercise = more weight loss. Nothing could be further from the truth!

This false belief can ruin your chances of achieving fat loss and negatively impact your life as a whole...

If you’re struggling with your weight, how do you feel when you picture going to the gym?!

For most people... the thought alone brings on a very powerful emotion. 





I have to go to one of these places and be embarrassed... with a tribe I’m not a part of!"

My worth as a human is wrapped up in how I look to others. 

That embarrassment is tied to intimidation, which is tied to our old friend Fear.

The gym can be a scary place, right?!

We’ve all been intimidated by it at one point or another, haven’t we?!

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to “get in shape”? Of course! And how do we all start that resolution? With the gym, right?

We promise ourselves we’re going to exercise more, don’t we? We make some crazy commitment that we can’t possibly keep, like going to the gym 6 days per week from now on!

That’s what everyone does, isn’t it?!

"Starting January 1st I’m going to the gym 6 days per week!"

We’ve all done it, haven’t we?

And it always ends the same way, right? Failure and frustration.

Disappointment with ourselves. We’re back to guilt, shame, self-loathing, and fear. Fear that we will get fat because we don’t have enough will power to exercise every day.

And we’ve been brainwashed since we were little kids that we need to work out to lose weight, right?! 

Fact: Exercise has almost NOTHING to do with fat loss! 

It’s science. Plain and simple.

And there simply is no scientific evidence supporting the myths we’ve been taught about exercise since we were children!

We’ve been programmed and conditioned with bad information!

I’m just as frustrated as you are with these lies... My Story:

I grew up a Fat Kid.

My parents never discussed nutrition with me, ever...

Of course, I learned all about the Food Pyramid and the importance of calories all through elementary school the same way that you did. What did this do to me?!

By the time I reached high school, I was already addicted to fitness.

I did traditional body building and got all of my health advice from Muscle & Fitness Magazine and my Doctor.

I was training 6 days per week, 2 hours per day, counting every calorie and eating plenty of "healthy" whole grains. 

By age 15 or 16 I was hooked on caffeine pills and ephedrine pills.

I was swallowing Hydroxycut by the handful... as an innocent teenager. Thanks to mainstream advice!

By my twenties, I was thinking long and hard about taking the steroids offered to me at the gym to be like the guys in the magazines... 

Because I was following their advice perfectly, methodically, obsessively.

With virtually nothing to show for it... 

I had some muscles, sure, but I was still 28% body fat, was always sore, and felt like shit all the time. 

My shame for being overweight was crippling. 

I was comparing myself to the magazine models and I was never good enough.

Who did I blame for not having 6-pack-abs like the magazine models?! Myself, of course!

We always blame ourselves, don’t we?!

We’re always convinced there is something wrong with US, right?!

"If it works for them but doesn’t work for me, it must be my fault!

"Shame, Guilt, Fear. 

Fast Forward to Today. What if I told you that to lose weight I want you to STOP exercising?!
What if I told you that I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their lives in less than 30 days by asking them to stop working out?!

What if I told you that most forms of exercise are actually counter productive to fat loss? 

What if I told you that exercise has exactly nothing to do with fat loss?

Again, science. Plain and simple 

I understand the biochemistry on a deep level. I can solve these mysteries you!


40 pounds in 60 days with zero fitness... literally zero. 

8 pounds per week without a single workout. Almost a pound a day.  
When you give the body what it needs, it will take care of the rest. The body is an incredible machine!
Secret #3: Being healthy CAN be affordable
False Belief: "I can’t afford to be healthy."

I’ve talked to a lot of moms... In fact, the vast majority of my clients and social media followers are moms. I’ve spent a significant amount of time talking through all of the challenges and obstacles these Moms face in their day to day lives.

Obstacles and challenges that can make health & wellness a real challenge!

I’ve noticed a few recurring words in the countless e-mail exchanges I’ve had with these amazing women: 




Why do these words keep popping up again and again?!

Because we’ve all been sold more lies! 

We all think that being “healthy” means being “fancy.” Why?!

Because all of the “experts” spend so much time over complicating nutrition in an attempt to make themselves sound more sophisticated.

For the average person, the task of sorting through this never-ending database of information in an attempt to separate fact from fiction seems utterly impossible! 

A great example is doing a simple search for the word “Paleo.” Go ahead and give it a try... What did you find?! 

Let me guess, it looked a little something like this:

An article shared on Facebook explaining why Paleo is better than every other diet ever and it is the only way to be healthy.

A tweet about the trendy new “Paleo Superfood.” 

A Pinterest board littered with insane recipes with 20+ obscure, organic ingredients and 2 hour prep times.

An Instagram featuring before and after pics of fitness models promoting some kind of “Paleo Challenge."

Tumblr pages featuring chiseled CrossFit athletes mid “snatch."

Countless ads for things like “Paleo Granola.” “But wait... It’s only 300% more expensive than plain, old, granola! Now that’s a deal!” 

It’s enough to make a Monk want to scream!

But how does all of this non-sense really impact you?! 

This constant reminder that other people can somehow live this complicated lifestyle with ease... and you can’t...

You start to believe it’s Your Fault!

It’s your fault you can’t afford to eat healthy

It’s your fault you aren’t healthy 

It’s your fault that your kids are overweight and being made fun of. 

It’s your fault that you don’t feel like spending all day in the kitchen. 

This is all bullshit!  

Newsflash... I know a lot of these online influencers personally and they aren’t perfect all of the time! No one is! 

I’m here to make your life easier through simplicity!

Simplify your shopping list, simplify your food budget!

Myth: Buying healthy food is more expensive than buying junk food.

Fact: Buying healthy food is cheaper than buying junk food! 

It’s not your fault that you think this way!! You’ve been programmed by masterful marketing companies!

I can teach you how to shorten your grocery trips and save money!

My Story: 

From the moment I started lifting weights, I believed that eating healthy was expensive. So, what would I do? I would buy the cheapest food possible and try to “burn it off” by working out even more!

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Justifying poor food choices by promising to exercise more, right?

I would drive home from school, stop at Subway and pay them $1 for a foot long loaf of bread that I would eat by itself. Then I would go home and try to “burn it off.”

In college, I would spend 2 hours in a boxing gym and damn near kill myself so I could go home and justify eating microwavable pizzas and ramen noodles in my studio apartment in Boston! 

And what was the result of all my hard work?! Feeling shitty and always carrying excess body fat! We all want to get rid of that damn body fat, don’t we?! But we think it’s too expensive to buy the foods that help get rid of the body fat! 

What if I told you I could slash your grocery bill? 

What if told you you could eat only healthy foods by spending less money at the grocery store than you do now? Sounds crazy, right?! But it’s true! 

What if I told you could feed your entire family with health food for far less than you’re currently spending? That would be great right? 

What if I told you I could help you cut the amount of time you spend in the grocery store in half? How does that sound? I bet you hate spending an hour in the grocery store, don’t you?

When I’m doing my shopping for the entire week... I’m in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Direct Quote from a Client... 

“It’s amazing how ‘simple’ my fridge has become!... There is so much less stuff than there used to be but there are so many more options for meals!” 

Do you want to simplify your life? 

“What am I gonna feed the kids?!”

“Do I have all the ingredients I need for this insane 2 hour recipe from some food bloggers website that my sister forwarded me?!”

“Screw it. Maybe it will just be a Pizza night, or should it be a Subway night?” Right?! 

Do you want to simplify your fridge, and your pantry, and your cupboards? 

Do you want to spend less time in the grocery store? It’d be pretty great to stop wasting your time, right?   
 It’s Freedom, I’m offering you Freedom. 
If All This Did...
  • was help you lose 10 pounds, would it be worth it?
  • was slash your grocery budget significantly, would it be worth it?
  • was teach you how to lose fat without fitness, would it be worth it?
  •  was get rid of your food cravings, would it be worth it?
  •  was help you stop counting calories, would it be worth it?
If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then what on earth is holding you back? Get started today for FREE! 

Your FREE I Am Clovis Experience...
When you get started with your FREE I Am Clovis Experience, you get full access to all of my membership platforms for free, for a full 7 Days! 

You’ll get full access to I Am Clovis - my exclusive, members-only website where you will find all the health and wellness resources you can handle!
When you get started with your FREE I Am Clovis Experience, you get full access to all of my membership platforms for free, for a full 7 Days! 

You’ll get full access to I Am Clovis - my exclusive, members-only website where you will find all the health and wellness resources you can handle!
What's Included:
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I promise you, I’m here to help… and I hope you’ll let me.  

Clovis is a community of like-minded people, building a healthy life, together.  

And you can be a part of it! 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Really Do This?!
Of course! I get this question a lot and I completely understand. You may be thinking, “sure, it worked for those people but can I really do this?!” I assure you, every single person who’s started Clovis had that very same concern… and you just saw their testimonies!  

I want you to be my next success story! 

Clovis is more than likely the most simplified lifestyle program you’ve ever come across. It’s much, much, easier than you think!  

You can do it!
What’s the Catch?
There is no catch. I’m really giving you all of this, for free, for a full 7 days! If you don’t feel like it adds value to your life you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. If you cancel during your free trial period, you will never be charged a dime. After the free trial, you are still free to cancel your subscription at any time. There is no contractual obligation and there are no hidden costs or fees!  
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After the 7 Day Free Trial, you will be charged $27 per month of membership. This charge will happen automatically after your 7 Day Free Trial. The charge will occur again automatically, once per month, for the duration of your membership.
What is the full cost of the program?
I’m giving you full access to my entire program, for free, for a full 7 days. After your free trial, you will be charged $27 for your first month’s membership. You will automatically be charged $27 per month for the duration of your membership. 

Remember, your monthly membership includes: 
If you’re loving you Clovis Membership after your 7 Day Free Trial, you don’t have to do anything! Your recurring charges will happen automatically until you cancel. 
Do I have to workout? 
Not at all! That’s the beauty of Clovis. You have science on your side. Exercise has exactly nothing to do with Fat Loss. It’s all about nutrition! If you need to, go back and rewatch some of the testimony videos and take a look at the social media posts. All of those results were achieved without working out! 
What if I have a medical condition? 
I want to be clear that I am not a Doctor. I cannot give Medical Advice and nothing on this website should be considered Medical Advice. Like any other program, you should always consult your primary care physician or other medical professional before beginning a new nutrition program. Particularly if you have medical concerns. I have worked with countless clients with a vast number of wide ranging medical conditions and they have not hindered their results. That said, all human beings are unique. You are unique. Everyone is different. If you have questions or concerns regarding a particular issue, feel free to reach out to me. 
Is this safe for pregnant and/or nursing women? 
Again, I want to be clear that I am not a Doctor. I cannot give Medical Advice and nothing on this website should be considered Medical Advice. Like any other program, you should always consult your primary care physician or other medical professional before beginning a new nutrition program. Particularly if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. All that said, it is critical that women understand how important nutrition is to the well-being of their unborn child and babies. If you want to give your children the very best chance possible at a healthy life it all begins with your nutrition.
Is this safe for senior citizens?  
Absolutely! Remember, there are no physical fitness requirements for the Clovis protocol. Research shows that proper nutrition can have potent anti-aging effects and I highly encourage any and all senior citizens to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes! 
Is this safe for children and teenagers? 
Humans are humans. One of the biggest myths in the mainstream health and medical communities is that children need different foods than adults. Nothing could be further from the truth. A proper human diet is proper for humans! Remember, I want to be clear that I am not a Doctor. I cannot give Medical Advice and nothing on this website should be considered Medical Advice. Like any other program, you should always consult your child's primary care physician or other medical professional before putting them on a new nutrition program.

Also, stop by the Clovis website and check out my “Clovis Kids” program which is specifically geared towards getting children and teenagers healthy. Clovis Kids has a fantastic track record of amazing results!  
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek professional medical attention for any medical conditions or health issues you may be experiencing. The information on this website is not intended as medical advice or to replace the advice of a qualified medical professional. Testimonials used on this website are from validated users of these products who have not been compensated for their reviews.


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